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Social Media Management FAQ

1. How does Social Media Management work?

Social Media management is clearly needed for business.
It takes a lot of time to plan content, create it, nurture audiences, and brand.
Thats what im here for (Raul Perez).
From social media strategy, content creation, graphic design, website management,
blog article writing and posting it all.
It’s what I specialize inand all so you can hone in on your craft comfortably.
– Raul Perez, lead social media manager

2. As a Social Media Manager, are you posting for me?

Yes. Your audience will see posts coming from your brand.
I post as you because I am your Social media and content marketing department.

3. What platforms are used?

As our package was described ,
we run all the necessary platforms for you.

Google My Business

4. I don't have the time to plan or post on social media. Do I ever have to login and post?

Not at all. Thats what im here for.
My package is designed to take that challenge off of your hands.
I am a professional Social Media Manager, Marketing
professional and IT engineer with hipaa focus.

It is important to know that you do not have to create any content.
However, creating content can be fun.
I have specific SMM strategies that may include
guides on how to have some Tik Tok fun!
Yea. That’s the stuff you may want to do.
I look forward to speaking to you about that.

5. How often do you post for my Practice?

There are different packages to choose from.
Each one has its min amount of posts.
This is because Some practices have different goals
as far as activity, communication vs growth.
Let’s talk more.

6. Does social media management work?

There are many goals and objectives with their
respective KPI’s and metrics we are consistently
monitoring. Social Media Management brings the results
needed for the respective goals such as retention,
communication, sales and growth.

7. I have heard of hiring interns, why not do that?

I am certified and experienced Social Media Manager
and social media safety policies knowledgeable.
An intern will not have the skills that an experienced
SMM manager will have.

8. I don't know what strength my social media is in, can you check this for me?

Yes. I perform a free Social Media assessment which
helps me to plan and organize proven effective strategies
for your practice.

9. Are you specialized in my Practices industry?

Yes. Result Social Media and it’s proven strategies
was developed to specialize in the following
Dental, Chiropractor, Physical Therapy, IT Firms

This was designed to provide excellence in these
industries rather than be a jack of all trades.

10. Great, How do I get started?

Reach out to me, and request a social media assessment.
We schedule an assessment and a meeting for implementing
the package. The package is ongoing as I become an extension
of your business acting as the Social Media Marketing department.

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